Modern Uses for Fashion Pins/Brooches

Modern Uses for Fashion Pins/Brooches

Theresa Xavier ·
Lilylin Designs have been supplying fashion jewelry and fashion accessories worldwide since 1976; in that time, we’ve seen many fashion trends and accessories come and go. There’s one fashion accessory that has been around since humans wore loin cloths, and that is the fashion pin or brooch.

The difference between a pin and brooch

There is some confusion on whether there is a difference between a brooch and a pin.  Here is the basic definition of the two. Brooches are large decorative pieces with pins attached, they come in different designs, shapes and styles. A pin is typically a straight piece with a sharp point on one end and a decorative piece on the other. It is a broader term that includes stick pins, hat pins, lapel pins, etc. Brooches are pins, but pins are not necessarily brooches. In our blog, we will use “pin” to cover the broader spectrum.

 For a more in depth look at the differences between pins and brooches and the history, check out this article Brooches and Pins – Fashion History.

In the next installments of our blog, we are going to explore several different uses for the fashion pins you may have stashed away in your jewelry drawer. If you think pins are something only your mom or grandma would wear, think again.

In honor of the holiday season that is upon us, our 1st modern use for fashion pins is on your tablescape.


What is a tablescape? A tablescape is defined as the artistic arrangements of items on a table which includes dinnerware, flatware, center pieces, etc. If you are looking for creative ideas to dress up your tablescape and impress family and friends, you have come to the right place.


Here are a couple ways to dress up your tablescape with fashion pins:

  1. As a napkin holder. To get the look pictured below, simply fold the napkin accordion style, then fold in half. Insert the pin through the lower portion, approximately 2” above the fold. Use different pin styles for a more eclectic look or the same style for a more traditional look. Works best with horizontal stem pins.


  1. As a place card adornment or keepsake. Dress up plain place cards with a pin. Simply use a hole punch to punch holes to accommodate the pin stem and clasp and attach the pin to the card. We recommend a 1/8” hole punch.


The pins can be given to your guests as gifts or save them to use again and again, makes excellent wedding keepsakes.

How do you dress up your tablescape? Send us photos if you have used fashion pins to dress up your tablescape. We may feature them in our next blog.

If you’re looking for pins for your tablescape Lilylin Designs has over 400 designs to choose from. We offer substantial discount for bulk orders. We also accept special orders and designs.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we explore more modern uses for pins.

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